Author - Charley Waters

I've traveled to 49 states and 3 provinces in Canada living in my RV full-time over many years. I've stayed just about everywhere possible. National parks, state parks, parking lots, BLM land, Independent RV parks and friends and family's driveways. I lived through a crazy Derecho windstorm in Iowa. I got stuck in a winter freeze in Texas.

Living on the road in your RV can be challenging at times. But the good times make up for the bad. I'm here to share my experience and help fellow RVers good decisions while enjoying the great outdoors and vast camping opportunities this country has to offer.

Best Places to Put Motion-Sensing Lights in Your RV: Key Spots for Safety and Convenience

Best Places to Put Motion-Sensing Lights in Your RV: Key Spots for Safety and Convenience

Motion Sensor Lights for RVs Enhancing your RV with motion-sensing lights is an innovative way to improve both convenience and safety. These smart fixtures illuminate your space the moment movement is detected. This means no more fumbling for switches in the dark or wasting electricity when areas are not in use. Whether you’re settled in an RV park or venturing...

Cordless RV Caulking Gun Review: Does Avhrit Lead the Pack?

Cordless RV Caulking Gun Review: Does Avhrit Lead the Pack?

When tackling a big caulking project, a reliable tool can make all the difference in the world. The Avhrit Cordless Caulking Gun is designed to help you get the job seamlessly and with far less effort than traditional manual options. Boasting a powerful motor capable of exerting up to 1200 pounds of force for dispensing, this gun also comes with a convenient speed...

RV Inverter vs. Converter: Understanding the Key Distinctions

RV Inverter vs. Converter: Understanding the Key Distinctions

Navigating the electrical systems of an RV can be challenging, especially when dealing with AC and DC power sources. Understanding the difference between an RV inverter and converter is crucial for maintaining and managing your RV’s electrical needs effectively. An inverter is a device that takes direct current (DC) from your RV battery and converts it to...

buying raw land RV camping

Buying Raw Land for RV Camping: A Comprehensive Guide

What To Know Before You Buy Raw Land for RV Camping The allure of the open road and the simplicity of nature draws many to the RV lifestyle, and the idea of having a permanent place to park has led to a growing trend in RV enthusiasts purchasing raw land. This type of land offers the freedom to create a personal campground, a retreat to escape to at any time without...

Where can I camp in my RV

Where Can I Camp in My RV? Short and Long-Term Stays

Embarking on an RV adventure offers a freedom often unmatched by other forms of travel. Determining where to park and camp in your RV is a key component of planning a successful trip. RVers have the luxury of conceiving their route around various scenic landscapes, from national parks to private resorts. Making informed decisions on where to stay ensures your journey...

Portable RV shower for camping

Portable RV Shower for Camping: Ultimate Convenience for Dry Camping

Venturing into the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to leave the comforts of home behind. A portable RV shower can be a game-changer for your camping experience, offering the convenience of a refreshing shower in the midst of nature. As you search for the perfect blend of adventure and luxury, a portable shower becomes an essential component of your travel...

Best Waterproof Tents

Best Waterproof Tents For Solo Campers to Families 

Get the Best Waterproof Tent for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep A waterproof tent will protect you and your gear from rain and ground moisture, which can be crucial for your safety and the longevity of your camping equipment. It also allows for greater flexibility in choosing when and where to camp, as you won’t be as limited by weather forecasts. Investing...



Are RV prices dropping? It depends on the specific RV and market. Generally, RV prices tend to fluctuate with supply and demand. During times of economic uncertainty or low demand, prices may drop. However, during high demand or limited supply, prices may increase. Are RV sales down? Again, it depends on the specific market and time period. However, during the COVID...

RVer's Guide to Florida

RVer’s Guide to Florida: Must-See Spots and Insider Tips

As an RVer, you might be looking for the perfect destination to explore with your home on wheels. Florida, with its sunshine, beautiful landscapes, and diverse attractions, is a great choice for your adventure. This RVer’s Guide to Florida will provide essential information and tips to make your journey unforgettable. From pristine beaches to world-renowned...

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