Best RV Roof Coating in 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are traveling for a month or two weeks in your RV, it is important to take every essential thing with you. Otherwise, you will end up in a nuisance. While RV water pump will be on the top of your list, make sure to add rubber roof coating for RV camper trailer in it. RV roof coatings help protect your vehicle roof against harsh weather and water.

In addition, it seals your vehicle roof to provide you with UV rays protection and leaks prevention. Other than this, the RV roof coating can also resist dust, twigs, and leaves that can damage the roof. It also prevents cooling and heating loss, which makes your journey more comfortable.

RV Protective Roof Coating Review

Going for a trip in your motorhome should be one of the most comfortable things to do because you will be carrying your house with you. It is although essential to note that unlike real homes, the roof of your RV will require more care for you to enjoy it for longer. Note that the roof of your RV is the most exposed to elements that are known to be destructive. Sun UV rays and rainwater can quickly destroy your roof, and that is why you must have a roof coating for your RV. The following are some of the best options in the market.

Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating

This is the best roof coating for RVs with rubber roofing. Offering the best protection for your roof, Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating will ensure that the roof of your RV stays intact for longer. That is because it is UV light resistant, meaning that no matter how long your RV stays out in the sun, it will never experience fading. UV from the sun can be lethal to rubber, and without the right protection, it can get worn quickly. When you expose the roof of your RV to direct sunlight band rainwater, it is most likely to begin drying up abnormally, then cracks will start to form, and within no time, there will be leaks all over your RV. With Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating, on the other hand, you will avoid all that trouble because it is also crack resistant. Additionally, you should not worry about polluting the environment with this product, plus it is not poisonous; therefore, no extreme measures necessary when handling.


  • Resistant to UV light and cracking
  • Can withstand impact
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmental friendly
  • Resistant to seams and tears.


  • Peels off if not applied properly
  • You can end up with bad patches
  • Liquid RV Roof Coating and Repair

Liquid Roof RV Roof Coating and Repair

Liquid Roof RV Roof Coating and RepairLiquid roof coating for RVs has been used by motorhome owners who have to deal with ponding water on the roof. Highly resistant to water, liquid roof coating for RVs also provide the perfect protection against UV rays, which can destroy not only your roof but the whole RV if exposed for too long. The main reason why Liquid RV Roof Coating is more popular is that it is safe to use with various kinds of RV roofing materials unless the roof of your motorhome is made from asphalt. When applying a liquid roof coating on your RV, you will be happy to notice that it is not so much work plus the lining becomes effective immediately hence perfect in case of an emergency. Extreme weather conditions don’t affect Liquid RV Roof Coating, and even in cold conditions, this coating can still ensure that your roof is intact. It is good to know that from the available options you will find in the market, Liquid RV Roof Coating is the most affordable.


  • Usable on various roofing materials
  • The best for clogged water
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions


  • May brittle over time depending on the roof material

Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating

Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective CoatingIf you are looking for a more effective waterproof coating for your RV, then Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating is the way to go. Designed to be extremely resistant to UV and rain, this protective coating will go a long to ensure that the roof of your RV does not come in contact with the destructive elements. Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Protective Coating is easy to apply, and just like painting, you can quickly vet the job done and your RV looking even better. It is also good to know that you can use this protective coating on various kinds of roofing material. Because it is non-poisonous and environmentally friendly, Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating are perfect for camping or people with children and pets on the RV. Although Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Protective Coating is designed to offer quality, most motorhome owners fail to enjoy the benefits. That is because they pay less attention when applying the coat. Ensure that your roof is completely dry for the best results.


  • Durable and resistant to UV and water
  • Environmental friendly


  • Top layer dries faster when exposed more so when applying

Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating

Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof CoatingThe Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating is famous for its high-quality adhesion. Capable of creating the perfect protective barrier between the elements and the roof of your RV, this product will ensure that your motorhome looks new for longer. It is although recommended that you apply the coating twice for better results or if you can afford a Dicor Rubber Roof Activator. Other than protecting the roof of your motorhome, the Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating will do much more like getting rid of the irritating rumbles found on the roof. It comes when it is ready to use, and the best part is, you will enjoy applying it since it is easy to handles. Don’t forget that Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating is highly resistant to UV light and water, the worst enemy to the roof of your RV, not forgetting things like dirt.


  • The best adhesion
  • Easy to apply
  • Protects your RV from damages such as scratches making it look new for longer
  • Rated as one of the best roof protective coatings for RVs


  • It is expensive
  • Too much work because you will apply it twice

Liquid Roof RV Roof Repair Liquid EPDM Coatings

Liquid Roof RV Roof Repair Liquid EPDM CoatingsWith over 25 years history of success, the Liquid Roof RV Roof Repair Liquid EPDM Coatings are versatile and a right choice if the quality coating is what you need. It only takes one coat to get the job done, and the best part is, it takes about eight years before you can consider coating the roof of your RV once more. With Liquid Roof RV Roof Repair Liquid EPDM Coatings, you will never have to worry about seams, and even if you apply it 5 minutes before it rains, it will be effective. That is because it becomes waterproof almost immediately after application. The Liquid Roof RV Roof Repair Liquid EPDM Coatings has a slow curing process, which includes forcing trapped air to the surface. Most protective coating for RV roofs tend to trap in air, and that usually results in cracks. Liquid Roof RV Roof Repair Liquid EPDM Coatings have passed the anti-aging test, ensuring that the color of your RV does not get faded by UV light and rainwater.


  • One coating is all it takes
  • Durable
  • Have been put to the test for years


  • It is a bit expensive

Advantages of Using RV Roof Coating

Even before purchasing the RV roof coating, you may think about why you need the one. Considering that, we are listing down the undeniable benefits of trailer roof coating that will help you decide whether you need to buy it. Here we go!

RV roof coating

Protects the Roof

The very first benefit of using RV roof coating is that it provides your vehicle roof with utter protection. Not to mention, the harsh weather element like snow and rain can damage your RV roof. In that case, the coating protects the vehicle.

Prevents Leaks

The next benefit it provides is leaks prevention. Do not forget that leaks can ruin your vehicle’s interiors. Not only this, but it can also make a living in the vehicle quite discomforting. Other than this, roof leaks can also affect your RV value. Applying the best RV roof coating will prevent leaks. In addition, you will not need to undergo costly repairs, as your vehicle will remain safe.

Promotes a Comfortable Environment

Another benefit of using RV coating is that it provides you with a more comfortable environment, particularly when you use silicone roof coating. The reflectivity that RV roof coating offers ensures to keep your vehicle cool, no matter how much-increased temperatures are outside.

Extends Your RV’s Life

Using the roof coating will protect your vehicle from harsh weather elements. Remember that, drafts, leaks, and energy loss can make your trip miserable. Therefore, applying roof coating can protect you from all these nuisances and thereby prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. In addition to that, it can protect your RV from all the things that can affect its performance.

Types of RV Roof Coating

Before making a buying decision, it is best to know all the types of coating available in the market. This way, you will be aware of each coating’s features and downsides. As a result, you will be able to make the right buying decision. That said, here are the most common types of RV coatings that RV owners usually use to secure their vehicle’s roof.

Rubber Coating

Commonly, many RV owners use rubber coating. It comes in two material types- ethylene-propylene monomer and thermal poly Olefin. Note that each type of rubber roof for RVs will require a different application process. Therefore, we will advise you to go through the manual of the RV rubber roof sealer you purchased.

Acrylic Coating

These are the most affordable and, therefore, the common type of RV roof coatings. Acrylic coatings offer amazing performance and last you for longer period. Other than this, these coatings provide you with ease of use, good reflectivity, and great convenience. This type of coating will seal your RV roof and protect it from moisture and water buildup. In addition to that, it can offer mol and algae protection on curing. The best thing is that you can use acrylic coating in all temperatures; it will protect your RV coating against weather elements like wind, snow, and rain.

Liquid Coating

This type of coating is of the best quality. Liquid coating is water repellent and prevents corrosion. It is easy to apply. You will use the same method used in painting to apply it. Not only this, the liquid coating provides your vehicle protection from UV rays. This way, it prolongs the lifespan of your RV. Other than this, liquid coating adds smooth aesthetics to your recreational vehicle’s roof.

Silicone Coating

Unlike RV rubber roof coating, this type of coating is the most expensive one. However, it provides you with plenty of benefits. While it boasts a good quality, you will not need to use second coating or primer to secure it. In addition, silicone coating offers strong resistance against weather elements like rain and snow. It will protect your RV rood from wind degradation. Other than this, silicone coating has more reflectively than other options. Due its durability, most of the users go for silicone coating. However, the only downside is that it will hold on the dirt and thus you will need to clean it regularly.

Fiberglass Coating

If you want an RV roof coating that requires less maintenance, then fiberglass coating is the most viable option for you. However, it is important to mention here that the fiberglass coating is a bit costly. As compared to other coatings, it may add more weight to the roof of your vehicle.

Urethane Coating

It is an expensive option yet offers many benefits. These include easy repairing, less maintenance, protection from UV rays, and weather elements protection. Many users have provided positive reviews for urethane RV coating. Moreover, this type of coating can provide you with more durability than acrylic and silicone options.

In addition to that, it offers excellent impact resistance from leaves, twigs, and elements. It withstands the ponding water and is more reflective than other types. All the features of the urethane coating make it the best choice for people who want to extend the lifespan of their RV roof. However, the only problem with this coating is it may release unpleasant odor upon application.

What to Look For When Buying an RV Roof Coating

After coming across its benefits, you may want to purchase a coating for your RV roof. It is worth mentioning here that there are many things you will need to consider before opting for RV roof coating. For instance, you will need to ensure the coating you are opting for boasts a good quality and will last you longer. Here is what you need to look at before purchasing the best RV rubber roof coating.

Safe and Flexible

The best RV coating will offer you the highest quality and will last you longer. Such coatings will not shrink or crack. Moreover, these will require less maintenance and prolong your RV’s life. Other than this, make sure to choose the one that provides you with UV rays. Moreover, make sure to opt for the RV coating that will not degrade yet keep your vehicle in good condition.


Keep in mind that you can use the best RV roofing material for many applications: buildings, seams, and tears. Therefore, make sure to choose the coating that can serve multiple purposes because it will be of the highest quality.

Protects From Leaks and Energy Loss

Some RV roof coatings like liquid coating can protect you against energy loss. The reason is it prevents air conditioning from escaping from your vehicle. Other than this, if you want to protect your RV from leaks, make sure to choose the RV roof coating that you can easily apply on air conditioning systems and venting systems.

Easy Application and Environmentally Friendly

Some of the RV coatings require single applications, like silicone coatings. If you do not want to get into the hassle of applying two coats, you can go for the silicone coatings. However, keep in mind it is a bit costly. Also, make sure to opt for the coating that is environmentally friendly, which means it ensures to protect your roof from UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Roof Coating Brand?
Flex Seal, DEHCO, KST COATINGS, Rubberseal, and Proguard some of the best brands for RV roof coating.
How Do You Put Rubber Coating On My RV Roof?
It requires you to use a similar method of applying paint. You can use a paint roller to apply the RV roof coating. Other than this, you can also check the manual for specific instructions to follow for the coating you have chosen.
How to Repair Camper Roof Coating?
When you notice small cracks on RV roof coating, reseal it with the material again. Make sure to repair to start repairing the roof right then. We suggest resealing your RV roof every 5-year.


No one can deny the importance of using the best EPDM roof coatings. Therefore, you need to figure out which RV coating will be best for your RV roof. Now that you have across all the imperative details regarding RV coatings, you will be able to make the best shopping decision.

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