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Best TVs for RVs use in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Being on the road and away from home doesn’t mean that you should get bored. As long as you’re riding with the best TV for RV travel that is. Your RV TV allows you to catch up with the latest news, and also watch and enjoy your favorite shows and movies no matter where you are.

From the many models available, it might help to know what are the best TVs for RVs since the quality of sound and picture can vary greatly in a small space such as an RV or Trailer.

Top 5 TVs for RVers Reviewed

Below is a review of what we rate as the five best TVs for RVs in 2021 with some common answers to questions about RV TVs.

Sceptre HDTV: E246BD-SMQK 24.0″ 720p TV-Disc Player Combination

Best TVs for RVs: Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0" 720p TV DVD Combination

The 24-inch screen of this HDTV comes with a built-in DVD player. It has a brushed metal design with multifunctional USB and HDMI ports. The HDMI delivers superior digital video and audio while connecting both to the TV with a single cable.

The best TV with DVD player allows you to enjoy your favorite DVDs without having to purchase a separate one. You also don’t need to manage two remote control devices since a single remote control commands both the functions of the TV and the built-in DVD Player.

The USB allows you to view your pictures as a slideshow through a USB port. You only need to plug your flash drive into the port to listen to your favorite music. This product is wall mount ready and comes with a small screwdriver used to assemble the base, and a screw mount on the back used to attach into a wall mount.

The Energy Star rating on the television means that it doesn’t consume much electricity, making it an economical option, especially when you’re traveling.


  • Has a relatively large screen
  • A multifunctional USB port for downloading images and listening to stored music
  • High-quality pictures with 720P resolution
  • Wall-mount ready
  • Easy to install with the simple wall mount
  • Lightweight


  • Poor sound quality but that can be fixed by attaching external speakers

Supersonic LED: SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

Best TVs for RVs: Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

Your supersonic HDTV gives you high picture quality with striking details and contrast. Whether traveling or in your office, this TV is ideal for any location, and you can enjoy your shows from any place. The HDMI, USB, AC/DC, PC Ports allow you to use your Firestick or similar devices to browse channels and apps such as Hulu, NetFlix, and others. The AC/DC compatibility is an outstanding feature for the RV camping use. The PC input helps you if you want to use your RV TV as a computer monitor. It gives you an excellent resolution and displays an exceptional PC experience.


  • Modern liquid crystal technology that gives  you crystal clear views
  • Has an attractive, sleek design
  • Accompanied with HDMI, VGA, RCA jacks, and component for AV hookups
  • Energy-efficient and lightweight
  • Great AC/DC portable HDT
  • Smooth motion when watching movies for its 1080p progressive scan capability
  • The PC inputs in your TV allows you to use it as a computer monitor
  • Fits in a small space hence perfect for an RV
  • Comes with a built-in card reader, and DVD player


  • Some users complain of low sound quality. You can solve this by connecting a set of speakers to get your desired sound quality.

Proscan LED: PLEDV2488A-E 24-Inch 720p LED TV-DVD Combo

Proscan PLEDV2488A-E 24-Inch 720p LED TV-DVD Combo

The Proscan LED TV has a built-in DVD player for when you’re completely off-grid and a screen display of 24 inches. The TV is so easy to install that you can do it without a manual. It includes a remote control.


  • Has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Full functioning remote control
  • Superb picture quality
  • Excellent LED backlight display
  • Elegant and classic design
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent picture quality
  • DVD functionality
  • The screen is also wall-mountable,
  • You can use it as a computer monitor for its VGA port


  • Lacks a smart functionality
  • Only one port for HDMI

Jensen LED: JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV with Integrated HDTV

Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV with Integrated HDTV

This package contains a 12V DC product only, an integrated HDTV tuner, a dual wireless remote control for TV/DVD. The 19-inch screen HDTV features a high- performance LCD panel with 16.7 million colors and a JCOM function that you can use with JENSEN HDMI-equipped DVD player. (Does not include DVD player) This TV is ideal for motor homes, campers, and trailers.


  • HD-ready TV
  • Specially built for RVs and campers
  • Convenient front controls
  • Has an integrated digital tuner
  • Vivid and clear picture quality
  • Comes with a mounting pattern for easy installation
  • Sleek design
  • Has a robust chassis and durable case reinforced to withstand powerful vibrations


  • A relatively small display of 19 inches
  • Doesn’t include a DVD player

Axess LED: 15.6-Inch LED HDTV

Axess 15.6-Inch LED HDTV

The 15.6-inch screen has a resolution of 1366 by 768, which guarantees you very high-quality pictures. You can easily install your TV on a wall using a wall mount (Does not include a wall mount in the package) The Axess LED HDTV has a built-in DVD player plus a digital and analog tuner. It also has a built-in antenna RF jack, Audio/Video, PC-RGB, PC Audio jack, USB and HDMI ports, earphone Audio jack, coaxial output jack, and CVBS input.


  • Comes with a DVD player
  • Produces very clear pictures
  • Full function remote control
  • Has a USB, HDMI port
  • 12V car cord technology for viewing on the go


  • Relatively small in size
  • No smart functional

Benefits of Having TV With Regular Traveling


You can turn your RV into a home, especially when traveling with children. You can entertain and keep them busy by putting a movie on the TV. When you have the best TVs for RVs it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is stationary or moving, you can still keep you and your family from getting bored.


RV TVs allow you to use the screen more than just a platform for movies and TV shows. You can use it as a computer monitor. You can connect it to your smartphone or play music through it as you relax indoors. It saves you space since you don’t need to carry a computer as you travel.

Improves safety

Having a TV in your RV helps you make plans as you watch the weather forecasts. For instance, the ability to see where a storm is at a given time will help you plan and decide on whether you need to stay on or quickly pack and leave for safety.


A TV for RV not only allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies but also adds a sense of style to your RV.

LED TV vs LCD Screen: What to Choose?

types of tv for rv


A liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV is a flat-screen television powered by lights that manufacturers place behind the glass panes.


  • Clear picture color and quality


  • Thick and bulky to install


The Light-emitting diode (LED) televisions are much thinner than the LCDs. It has lights around the edges of the screen that powers it, and this design makes them efficient in providing higher quality screen resolution, and a wider range of colors.


  • More efficient than the LCDs
  • Higher quality resolution
  • A wider range of colors


  • Expensive

Summary of Best Types of RV TV

Features Powered by lights behind the glass panels Powered by lights around the edges of the screen
Advantages Clear picture color and quality More efficient than the LCDs

Higher screen resolution

Wider range of colors

Disadvantages Thick and bulky to mount Expensive

What do you need in a TV for when you camp?

Choosing the best TVs for RVs or travel trailers doesn’t have to be hard. Consider the following factors to simplify the selection of the best TV for RV use.

Best Size RV TV

Getting the right size of the screen is crucial. The most common size of RV television ranges from 19-24 inches. If you have limited space, there is a smaller sized RV for TVs available in the market. Don’t go for anything too small that it interferes with your viewing experience.

On the other hand, you do not want a screen too large to take up much space in your RV. Make sure the dimensions of the RV TV fits the length and width of the place you want to mount it.

How Many TV Ports and Connections?

Choosing a multi-functional package ensures that you have plenty of entertainment options. It can also save you on costs. When picking a TV for camper, consider what you want to connect to the RV TV. You will need a TV with ports for USB if you’re going to use your smartphone. HDMI ports are useful if you want to watch content in high definition. Other useful ports include an SD card slot and VGA adapters to connect your laptops or PC to your TV.

TVs for RV Travel Stress, Cold & Hot Climate

Not every TV is suitable if you’re looking for one for your camping and traveling needs. A home TV is not fit for an RV since it cannot withstand the vibration, bumping, and jostling during movement. The best TV for RV can withstand movement and vibration without the risk of breaking down. It should handle the weather and temperature changes, especially changes in humidity levels. Modern camper televisions now have flat antiglare screens that enable you to watch your movies or shows during the day.

Power Needs of TV

The standard for RV voltage convenient for a camper, mobile home or travel trailer is typically 12V. Some models make use of a conventional AC/DC power, while others use an AC adaptor. Be keen to pick a TV that is compatible with the power system in your RV. You can choose a 12 Volt TV that uses batteries for a power source in case you don’t have a generator.

Mounting Space for TV

The space in an RV is typically limited, so the best TV mount for RV should allow some space for mounting. If your RV enables you to mount the TV on the interior wall, make sure you get a mount that can hold it firmly and securely.

Recommendation: LCDs are ideal options for camper TV for their slimmer design, which might take less space. Additionally, they can handle the jolting and bouncing quite well when you’re on the move.


What is RV TV?

It is a type of television specially designed for use in a recreational vehicle. It’s one of the best ways to entertain yourself while you’re traveling or living in an RV.

The RV TV can withstand any irregular movement like bumps, jolting, and vibrations on the road. Unlike regular TVs, it can absorb shock from impacts that would otherwise cause damage.

How to choose the right size and mounting options?

If you want to select the right size and mounting options for your motorhome TV, be keen on the specifications. You must be sure on whether you want your RV TV to be firm in one place, or to rotate in angles.

How to get satellite TV for RV?

A satellite dish is essential because it acts as a booster for your RV TV. You can subscribe to satellite services such as Direct TV or Dish Network if you want a satellite TV. Ensure that the Satellite TV package is suitable for receiving satellite signals. For installation, you can mount the dish onto your RV. If you have a portable satellite dish, you can place it outside the vehicle when you’re stationary.

What are good RV TV brands?

Some of the best brands you can choose from include Supersonic, AXESS, Sceptre, Proscan, NAXA, and Jensen.

What is the best 12-volt TV?

According to the current 12-volt TV reviews, Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24-inch 720p TV DVD combination is the best 12-volt flat-screen TV for RV in the market. It has a TV and DVD player in one package. It also has numerous ports for multi- functionality.

Why Use a 12-Volt TV?

The 12-Volt battery powered RV TVs are the most convenient to use in RVs and motorhomes. Alternatively, many 12-Volts TV for RV comes with an AC adaptor is you’re using other power sources.

Who makes summit TV for RV?

Dual Electronics Corporation owns Jensen TV. As one of the pioneers of RV TVs, he has remained a consistent contributor to the RV world, with top-quality innovations on RV televisions and accessories.

Can you put a regular TV in an RV?

No, a regular TV is heavy and is unsuitable for movement. The manufactures of an RV TV have designed it to withstand the movements and vibrations inside a moving vehicle. Additionally, a regular TV might be incompatible with the available AC/DC plugins in the RV.

How high should a flat-screen TV be mounted on the wall?

Getting a TV for Traveling Conclusion

Traveling in a recreational vehicle is fun, but it can be more fun with the right source of entertainment. With the best TV for motorhome in your vehicle, you can keep your children entertained while on the move. You can also watch the news and your favorite TV shows with the convenience of being at home.

Remember that a regular TV cannot replace the functions of an RV TV since it cannot withstand vibrations when a vehicle is moving. It might also be incompatible with the AC/DC functions of RVs.

When choosing the best TVs for RVs, the process can be more straightforward if you understand your needs. Make sure you consider the voltage, size, type, television power, functions, and mounting options. The model and brand of choice should work best for your particular lifestyle.

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