Camco Swivel Stik Tank Rinser Review: Top RV Cleaner?

Maintaining cleanliness in your RV’s holding tank is crucial for a pleasant journey. After scrutinizing Camco’s Swivel Stik Rinser, it’s clear that this tool could be an invaluable addition to your RV maintenance kit. It touts a design engineered to reach every corner of your tank, ensuring that waste and odor-causing residue don’t linger. The rotary head delivers a powerful cleaning action, which users have found effectively dislodges stubborn deposits that a simple flush might leave behind.

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Convenience features such as the easy grip handle and the straightforward attachment to a standard garden hose suggest that the manufacturer has given thought to ease of use. The brass construction hints at durability, promising many cleaning cycles without a hitch. There’s chatter among users about its effectiveness not only in cleaning but also in maintaining clear tank sensors, which is often an overlooked aspect of RV maintenance.

Bottom Line

The Camco Swivel Stik Rinser emerges as a practical solution for RV owners. Its design and build quality point to both efficacy and durability, which could make tank maintenance less of a chore.

Considering the high ratings from numerous customers, it could be a sound investment for the hygiene and longevity of your RV systems.

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Overview of the Camco Flexible Swivel Stik Tank Rinser

When maintaining an RV, keeping the holding tank clean is crucial, and the Swivel Stik Tank Rinser can be a valuable tool for this task. With its powerful rotary action, this rinser works to dislodge even stubborn waste, helping to eliminate unpleasant odors and maintain sensor accuracy for your tank levels.

The device incorporates a 34-inch flexible reach, enabling you to navigate tight spots and complex tank configurations with ease. Its ergonomic Easy Grip handle offers comfort during the process, minimizing the physical strain often associated with tank cleaning.

Operation is straightforward, thanks to its compatibility with most garden hoses via a standard ¾-inch female connection. Water flow control is achieved through a simple quarter-turn shutoff valve, enhancing the efficiency of your cleaning chores.

While the Swivel Stik exhibits reliable performance with its sturdy brass fittings, some users have expressed concern about the potential for the spinning nozzles to impact tank walls. The overall consensus from a variety of users, however, is that it’s an indispensable and effective addition to any RV owner’s toolkit.

Powerful Rotary Cleaning Action

When considering the maintenance of your RV’s holding tank, efficient waste removal is key to preventing odors and ensuring the longevity of your tank’s sensors. The Swivel Stik offers a robust rotary cleaning action feature that’s designed to tackle waste remnants and particles with ease. This powerful rotary action reaches every corner of your tank, allowing for a comprehensive and thorough cleaning.

With this accessory, you can maneuver into difficult areas, thanks to its 34-inch flexible section. The convenience it provides is further enhanced by its Easy Grip handle which adds comfort to the task, a relief especially when navigating tight spaces. The ability to attach the rinser to most garden hoses streamlines the setup process, and the inclusion of a 1/4 turn shutoff valve permits precise control of water flow, saving water while ensuring a spotless tank.

Durably constructed, boasting brass moving parts, the Swivel Stik stands as a reliable tool. However, if there’s a drawback, it might be that with all its solid construction, it may not be as lightweight as one might prefer for a manual cleaner. Although, its brass exterior finish does promise endurance, it’s worth considering the balance between durability and ease of handling to ensure it aligns with your needs for routine RV maintenance.

Flexibility and Reach

When it comes to maintaining your camper’s or RV’s holding tank, ease of use and effectiveness are key concerns. The Swivel Stik from Camco measures up by offering impressive flexibility, particularly valued when navigating tricky tank configurations. With a 34-inch flexible section, you’re able to access and clean even the hard-to-reach areas of your tank.

However, while the flexibility of the Swivel Stik allows for an extensive reach, it’s important to note that the level of control might vary. The product’s design is ergonomic, featuring an Easy Grip handle for comfort during use, but some users have raised concerns about potential damage to the tank due to the spinning nozzles’ direct contact with its surfaces.

The incorporation of a 1/4 turn shutoff valve is a thoughtful detail, giving you the ability to manage the water flow efficiently, contributing to the product’s overall simplicity. Keep in mind the balance of power and delicacy needed; while the Swivel Stik is adept at dislodging stubborn waste from tank walls, ensure you operate it with a practiced hand to avoid any inadvertent damage.

Ease of Use and Compatibility

When considering a tool to maintain your RV’s sanitation, the ease with which you can use it becomes paramount. The Flexible Swivel Stik Tank Rinser simplifies a normally cumbersome task. Its connection to garden hoses is straightforward, thanks to a standard ¾” female connector, and operation is simplified with a 1/4 turn shutoff valve—no fumbling around when you need to manage the water flow.

Navigating the awkward angles of RV tanks can be frustrating, but the product’s 34″ flexible section is designed to circumnavigate these obstacles, offering a convenient solution to reach and clean effectively. The ergonomic handle is another thoughtful addition, allowing a comfortable and firm grip even in tight spaces.

However, while the device offers impressive flexibility and ease of handling, some users have expressed concern over potential damage the spinning nozzles might cause to their tanks. It is a consideration worth looking into, as the powerful rotary cleaning action is part of the rinser’s appeal but should be used with caution. It’s reassuring to see a high user rating, indicating that most customers find it a reliable aid in their RV maintenance routine.

Durability and Design

When considering a tool for your RV maintenance, the sturdiness and efficiency of design are crucial. Camco’s Swivel Stik Tank Rinser boasts a well-thought-out construction; its rotary head with a 2-inch nozzle is crafted from durable brass, giving it a longevity that you can rely on for consistent performance. The rinser is equipped with a flexible, 34-inch reach, meaning those difficult-to-access areas in your tank won’t be neglected during cleaning.

On the topic of ergonomic features, the Swivel Stik doesn’t fall short. It comes with an Easy Grip handle that makes the maneuvering process less straining on the hands, allowing for extended use without discomfort. Additionally, the hassle-free attachment to most standard garden hoses via a ¾-inch female connector, alongside the 1/4 turn shutoff valve for water flow control, adds to the user-friendly experience, streamlining the maintenance process without any unnecessary complexity.

Constructed with robust moving parts, the rinser’s design reduces the risk of breakage and frequent replacements. The solid, 24-inch section provides a stable extension of the flexible shaft, ensuring a thorough clean and adding to the product’s overall reliability.

Pros and Cons


When looking at the Flexible Swivel Stik Tank Rinser by Camco, you’ll appreciate the top-notch rotary cleaning action it offers. It’s well known for effectively shifting stubborn waste, which means your RV’s black water tank gets a comprehensive cleanse. Notable features include:

  • Rotary Cleaning: The rinser’s vigorous rotary action reaches waste that others might miss, leaving your tank fresh.
  • Flexibility: With a 34-inch flexible section, you have the ability to navigate through challenging angles and deep into offset tanks.
  • Ease of Use: Connecting seamlessly to most garden hoses, you’ll find that the simplicity of attaching and operating this tool is a significant plus.
  • Comfort: The ergonomic Easy Grip handle provides a comfortable experience, reducing hand strain during use.
  • Construction: The device is built with durable materials, including brass moving parts for greater longevity.

Bullet points distill primary advantages, aligning with the general sentiment echoed among various customer experiences. While no specific anecdotes are recounted, the compiled feedback indicates satisfaction with these features.


However, every product has its downsides. For the Camco tank rinser, the following have been observed:

  • Learning Curve: New users might need some time to get accustomed to the product for optimal cleaning.
  • Tank Compatibility: Depending on your specific RV tank configuration, there may be concerns about whether the spinning nozzles could potentially cause damage.
  • Gauge Impact: Some users have found that while the product cleans well, it may not fully resolve issues with sticking tank gauges.

In summarizing the critical viewpoints, these points encapsulate the cautionary aspects without dwelling on individual grievances. Such insights come from a synthesis of frequencies and patterns in feedback rather than singular accounts.

Analyzing Customer Reviews

When you’re considering the Camco Swivel Stik Rinser, customer feedback is an invaluable tool for gauging the product’s effectiveness. With an impressive average rating of 4.6 stars from over 11,000 ratings, the general consensus suggests a high level of satisfaction. Many reviewers praise its functionality, highlighting the swivel stik’s ease of use and the powerful rotary cleaning action’s ability to maintain a clean holding tank, which is crucial for any RV owner.

However, some users have raised concerns about potential damage to the tank due to the spinning nozzles, although these instances seem infrequent. A few mention that it didn’t resolve specific issues like a sticking tank gauge, but acknowledge it may require more uses to fully assess.

The sturdiness of its construction, especially with its solid brass head, is repeatedly mentioned, which suggests that the product is built to last. The easy grip handle and the 1/4 turn shutoff valve also add to the convenience factor, underpinning the product’s design with practicality in mind. It’s clear that the Camco Swivel Stik Rinser is appreciated for its effectiveness, quality build, and the solution it provides to RV enthusiasts who seek a hassle-free cleaning experience.


When considering maintenance for your camper’s holding tank, the Swivel Stik Rinser by Camco appears to be a sound investment. Customers often cite its effectiveness in cleaning the black tank, with its rotary cleaning action being a frequently highlighted feature. It’s praised for making the winterization process less daunting, particularly in ensuring a clean black tank. However, some users have expressed concerns about the potential for the spinning nozzles to damage the tank, although such feedback is not widespread.

The Swivel Stik Rinser does receive approvals for its construction quality—especially the solid brass head which seems to enhance its overall durability. While it may not solve every issue, like a stuck tank gauge, the tool has been effective enough for numerous users who have experienced improvements in their tank sensor readings post-use.

In summary, while your mileage may vary, the general consensus is positive, suggesting this tool could be a worthwhile addition to your RV maintenance toolkit. Keep in mind, this product requires a hands-on approach, and while not a universal fix, it offers a thorough cleaning method that can potentially save you time and effort in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering an efficient way to keep your RV holding tank clean, a tank rinser can be quite the handy tool. Below are answers to common queries prospective buyers have about the Camco Swivel Stik Tank Rinser and related products.

How does the Camco Swivel Stik Tank Rinser compare to the Rhino Blaster Tank Rinser in terms of cleaning effectiveness?

The Camco Swivel Stik Tank Rinser boasts a rotary cleaning action, which offers a thorough cleanse of your RV holding tank. Its effectiveness lies in pivoting nozzles that reach every corner. In contrast, the Rhino Blaster also flushes out waste but may have different mechanisms for cleaning. Users report that Camco’s design allows for greater maneuverability inside the tank resulting in better cleaning outcomes.

What are the features and benefits of using the Camco RV Flexible Swivel Stik?

When using the Swivel Stik, you’re benefiting from its:

  • Powerful Rotary Cleaning: Provides a comprehensive cleaning experience for your RV tank.
  • Flexibility: The 34-inch flexible reach means more accessibility to different parts of your tank.
  • Ease of Use: The straightforward connection to a garden hose and the 1/4 turn shutoff valve enhance user convenience.
  • Ergonomic Design: The easy grip handle is designed for comfort, making the cleaning process less strenuous.

These features contribute to the overall functionality and user satisfaction with the Swivel Stik.

Can the Swivel Stik Tank Rinser be used with any RV model or are there compatibility limitations?

The Swivel Stik Tank Rinser generally fits most RV models equipped with a ¾” female garden hose connection. However, if your RV has a unique tank configuration or lacks a standard hookup, you may experience compatibility issues. Always check your RV specifications against the product details before purchasing.

Is pre-installation of any kind necessary to use an RV Swivel stick, and if so, what does it entail?

There is no complex pre-installation process required for the Swivel Stik Tank Rinser. You simply need a standard garden hose with a ¾” female fitting to attach it. It’s designed for convenience and ease, allowing for immediate use upon purchase.

How often should the Camco Swivel Stik Tank Rinser be used for optimal maintenance?

To maintain the cleanliness of your RV black tank and ensure sensor accuracy, using the Swivel Stik after each tank emptying is suggested. Regular use helps prevent build-up of residuals that could lead to clogs or inaccurate sensor readings.

Does regular use of a Swivel Stik Tank Rinser reduce the need for RV blade valve lubricants?

Yes, routine use of the Swivel Stik can maintain a clean tank environment, potentially reducing the need for additional lubricants. Keeping blades free of debris allows them to operate smoothly, however, always follow your RV manufacturer’s guidelines for proper maintenance practices.


In weighing the pros and cons, the Camco Swivel Stik Rinser stands out as a practical tool for RV enthusiasts. Its flexible design and rotary cleaning action seem to cater to the maintenance needs of your camper’s holding tank effectively. While no product is without its faults, users appreciate the durability of the Swivel Stik’s construction and the convenience of the incorporated shutoff valve.

Through summary of customer experiences, it is clear that many find it enhances the ease of cleaning and the process of winterization. However, concerns about the potential for damage due to the spinning nozzles are worth considering. Still, the majority of reviews convey satisfaction with the Swivel Stik’s performance, including its ability to address tank meter issues.

Your decision should hinge on what specifics you value most in tank cleaning equipment. While the product isn’t magic—it won’t resolve all tank gauge errors on the first try—it is hailed as a significant upgrade from non-rotating models. Ultimately, the Swivel Stik Rinser by Camco earns its reputation, and you might find it a worthy addition to your RV maintenance kit.

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