RV Flipped over after 100MPH wind storm in Iowa

Dangers of Wind While RV Traveling & Safety Tips

I thought I’d share a couple wind scares I’ve encountered while traveling around North America so hopefully you can learn how to avoid them in the future. Here are some wind encounters that had my heart racing while traveling the country.

RV Flipped over after 100MPH wind storm in Iowa
Aftermath of a 100 MPH Iowa Wind Storm

Wind While Driving

Your invisible enemy on the road. One second you can be driving along steadily and the next second you’re fighting a gust of wind from blowing you around the highway. You also need to be careful when semi trucks pass you. As the wind will stop briefly and pick back up again after the truck passes blowing your rig around as it does. So be sure to keep two hands on the wheel when getting passed to maintain complete control of your vehicle. Unfortunately driving in windy conditions is something you have to get used to. However…

Wind Tip 1: If you don’t like driving when it’s windy, try to plan most of your driving in the morning when wind conditions are generally mild. Wind tends to pick up in the afternoon. 

Wind While Parked

I was staying on a lake at a state park in Iowa for a couple days, working and relaxing. Out of nowhere it started getting windy. I checked my weather app and it said there was a 50% chance for a storm. A couple minutes later alarm bells were sounding. I thought they were just alerting the boaters to get out of the water. 

Next I saw a park ranger taking to campers and they all started gathering in the brick bathrooms for cover. I thought these were just people sleeping in tents going to wait out a storm. Next thing I knew I was alone in my RV when the wind started to really pick up. Tall trees around me were blowing over. I couldn’t see two feet out of my window from all the rain and wind. This is when I realized I was supposed to go into the bathroom with the rest of the campers – it wasn’t just tent campers taking cover, it was everyone.

After about a half hour of rocking around in my RV praying for it to stop there was a break in the storm and I ran to the bathrooms. The people already taking cover were shocked to hear I was RV during the rough part of the storm. I found out later that the winds were over 100 mph. 

Wind Tip 2: If you hear alarm sounds, get out of your RV and ask what’s going on.

You have to be extra alert when the wind starts to blow as an RV’r. So far I have been lucky when it comes to wind scares but now I try to be smart. 

Please feel free to share your experiences and any other tips to help keep our fellow travelers safe in the comments below. 

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