Best 5th Wheel Hitch in 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A fifth wheel hitch is not an actual wheel, as many people will assume. However, it is a hitch that is typically fitted on trucks or pic-up trucks for pulling heavy loads, in most cases, motorhomes. Fifth wheel hitches became more popular during the 19th century, and to date, they are still an essential part of towing. With more producers of these hitches introducing their products into the market, RV owners are faced with the task of ensuring that they get the right hitch. It is important to note that using the wrong fifth wheel hitch to transport your RV can be hazardous. That’s why we’re about to show you the best 5th wheel hitch for your needs.

Apart from damaging your beloved motorhome, you can also end up in an unfortunate accident and lose your life as well. 5th wheel hitches play a significant role in ensuring that your motorhome is stable and well pivoted to become an extension of your pick-up. When looking for the right hitch for your RV, you, therefore, need to ensure that you get the best quality. Check out the reviews and make the best pick for your needs.

The Best 5th Wheel Hitch Reviews 2023

Andersen 3220 – Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

This is perhaps the most popular 5th wheel hitch in 2020, with the main reason being; it’s both affordable and high quality. Another essential feature that makes it have high demand is that it’s made from aluminum.

5th wheel hitch: Andersen 3220

This makes the hitch to be light, strong, and durable. It also allows for an easy hookup thanks to its patented ball-funnel. It has a base weight of only 35 pounds, therefore easy to load on your pick-up track. Another important feature that comes with this hitch is that it has three height adjustments from the truck’s bed to the top of the ball mount. The Andersen Fifth wheel hitch is known to offer a smooth ride that any driver needs when pulling a heavy load.


  • Fast and easy removal and installation of the base
  • Can be installed or removed by a single person in less than 5 minutes
  • Compatible with all standard brands of gooseneck hitches
  • It comes with a patented remote latch or unlatches cable
  • No special slider or special adapter for short bed trucks
  • It is not heavy for a fifth wheel hitch


  • Other than needing a torque wrench during installation for the latching mechanism, there are no reported cons for these products so far.

B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500

One of the first things that come to mind when B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500 is mentioned in the price. It is quite expensive than the previous fifth wheel hitch; hence much should be expected from it.

Wheel Hitch RVK3500

One of the most crucial features of this fifth wheel hitch is that the same system can be used with either the fifth wheel or gooseneck. That is because it is attached to the turnover ball under ball mounting. Another feature that has made B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500 marketable for RV owners is that it does not require mounting rails. Pick up owners who have to install mounting rails end up being limited in how they can utilize their trucks.


  • Has a wide stance to enhance stability
  • No noise or rattling thanks to its polyurethane bushings
  • Front to back and side to side pivoting since it is fully articulated
  • Has three vertical adjustments
  • Cam-action latching handle has a quick and easy release
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty


  • It is heavy and can require extra hands to install
  • It’s more expensive compared to other available options
  • Not easy to find in the market
  • It can’t be used on trucks with smaller beds
  • It doesn’t come with a lube plate

CURT 16115 Black E16 5th Wheel Hitch

This is a more economical option for a fifth-wheel hitch. With a weight rating of 16 000 pounds, the CURT 16115 Black E16 5th Wheel Hitch offers convenience.

CURT 16115 Black

Able to accommodate a vertical load of up to 4,000 pounds, this hitch is perfect for transporting your motorhome. Another essential feature that it has is a dual pivoting that offers a 10-degree lateral movement. The CURT 16115 Black E16 5th Wheel Hitch assures a smooth and quiet ride thanks to its anti-rattles skid plate. With four height adjustments for towing options, you will get to enjoy a more comfortable trip perfect for you as the driver. When you purchase this heavy-duty item for moving around your RV, you expect it to last for a very long time. That is because it is well protected from the elements.


  • It comes with a five-year limited warranty
  • Automatic locking system for easy and secure coupling
  • Compatible with all industry-standard base rails
  • It is sturdy, built with high-quality steel


  • The installation kit is sold separately, making the whole system costly
  • There have been complaints of poor packaging by the manufacturer; missing parts
  • The handle position makes it difficult to unlock the clutch

B&W RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel

If you are the kind of person who uses their trucks for more than towing your, this should be the perfect fifth wheel hitch.

5th wheel hitch: Companion

That is because it does not need to be mounted on rails behind your pick-up. Another great feature that accompanies the B&W RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel is its fully articulated head. Therefore, it allows for back, front, and side to side pivoting. To add to the list of features of this fifth wheel hitch has a cam action latching handle for easy release. This is ideal, especially if the ground is not leveled. The B&W RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel also has to inches of back to front adjustment with three coupler adjustments.


  • It has a lifetime limited warranty
  • It has a two-piece design
  • Ease of locking an unlocking hitches
  • Quiet towing because of polyurethane bushings
  • Three vertical adjustments; 16.75” to 18.75”.
  • One inch thick wrap-around jaws fit kingpin perfectly that eliminates sloppy starts and stops
  • Fits four pucks in a truck bed, release handles, and can easily be converted to a level bed


  • It is one of the most expensive fifth wheels
  • It is heavy requiring more labor to install

CURT 16130 Black Q20 5th Wheel Hitch

If you intend to make the right investment choice when it comes to the perfect fifth wheel hitch, then this should be your answer. Built to ensure comfort and a smooth ride to your destination, the CURT 16130 Black Q20 5th Wheel Hitch will go a long way to offer you service.

Best 5th wheel hitch: Curt hitch Q20

That is because it is made from sturdy metal, enabling it to withstand the amount of work. Another feature that you will enjoy with this great hitch is that it can accommodate vertical load up to 4,000 lbs. Plus, it has a weight rating of 16,000 pounds. The CURT 16130 Black Q20 5th Wheel Hitch also has a three-sixty-degree kingpin contact that makes it manage even the most-tricky turns. Equipped with a three-position coupling indicator and a self-aligning head, the CURT 16130 Black Q20 5th Wheel Hitch is easy to install and can tow trucks up to 20,000 lbs.


  • Quiet and smooth towing all the way
  • More secure towing
  • The coupling process is simplified


  • Although its weight is manageable, the CURT 16130 Black Q20 5th Wheel Hitch is pretty heavy
  • It is not easy getting a full bed access
  • Coupling and uncoupling can be confusing especially if you are not yet used to it.

TIP: For the best delivery and for you to enjoy the benefits of buying a genuine fifth wheel hitch, ensure that you buy from a genuine dealer or directly from the original manufacturer. There are some unscrupulous 5th wheel hitch dealers who will want to deny you the additional benefits and still charge you normally.

What is the 5th wheel hitch, and why do you need it?

A fifth wheel hitch can easily be described as the attachment point between your vehicle and the additional load you intend to tow. This can be anything from a motorhome to a boat. The fifth wheel hitch has been in use from as early as before the 19th century. Today, it is used to transport all sorts of items that can be towed.

One of the main reasons anyone can need a fifth wheel hitch is for a safe transport process. For example, towing a motorhome is impossible if you have to tie it to your track using ropes or even chains. The fifth wheel hitch allows for a more stable link so that you can make turns easily as if your vehicle is one. These hitches have also been built to bring about balance when towing. Any good driver knows that if weight is disposed of on one side, the risks of accidents can be higher.

Best 5th wheel hitch

Another reason that has sent people shopping for fifth-wheel hitches is that it is an essential accessory for your RV’s survival. Know that even the companies that manufacture RVs recommend that they are transported while attached to a fifth-wheel hitch. Besides enhancing your safety when towing, understand that you need your ride to be smooth with no rattling soundtrack. When you use a fifth wheel hitch, the load you are trying to move will be resting comfortably on the hitch. Additionally, some hitch manufacturers go further to use polyurethane bushings to give you peace of mind as you tow your RV.

Recommendation: As simple as it may sound, choosing the perfect hitch for your fifth wheel is tricky. That is because of the fake dealers who have flooded the market counterfeit products. Thanks to the internet however, you can do a sound research fast and even make an order straight from the manufacturer. This will see to it that you get to enjoy all the benefits that comes with the package.

What to Look for buying a good 5th Wheel, Hitch?

Understand that people have different needs as far as towing their RVs is concerned. That is why it’s essential to understand the fifth hitch that will solve your problem entirely. However, there are some key points that many people consider first, and they include;

  • Security – you will want to ensure that you get value for your money, and if anything, a warranty is available. Additionally, everyone wants the best quality 5th wheel hitch that will ensure safe and sound transport.
  • Material – there are various kinds of metals used to build fifth wheel hitches. Since they are used for heavy-duty jobs, it is safe to buy one made from sturdy metal to avoid accidents while on the road.
  • Adjustability – an adjustable fifth wheel hitch will enable you to position your RV during transport regarding your preference. The inability to adjust the hitch height can limit you from properly balancing your RV even when you are not moving.
  • Strength – since you will be using the fifth wheel hitch tow thousands of pounds, it needs to withstand the tension. That means it should not bend or provide any weak points when towing.

You will also want to consider what people already have the fifth wheel hitch you intend to buy. Reviews come in handy because they will disclose more in-depth information you can use. Here is a comprehensive table of comparison for the reviewed fifth wheel hitches:

Fifth Wheel Hitch Mounting Weight Hitch weight
Andersen 3220 – Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection ISR 20K 40lbs
B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500 Turn-ball 20K 206lbs
CURT 16115 Black E16 5th Wheel Hitch ISR 16K 199lbs
B&W RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel Ford prep 20K 153lbs
CURT 16130 Black Q20 5th Wheel Hitch ISR 20K 40lbs

TIP: Other than the above mentioned fifth wheel hitches, there are more from the same manufacturers but different models. They also have slightly different features and you may want to check them out as well.

 Types Of 5th Wheel Hitches

Although there are several manufacturers according to any fifth wheel hitch review, you should know that it is the hitch jaw mechanism that brings about significant differences. There are three main categorizations for hitch wheel mechanism, and they include;

  1. Slide bar – although it is pocket-friendly and safe, the only disadvantage is that it makes a lot of noise, but at least you will be sure that your RV is still there.
  2. Double jaw – quieter than the sidebar, plus it holds the kingpin much tighter, although you can experience some movements with the kingpin.
  3. Single jaw – this can be said to be the best in the market because the hitch jaw wholly holds the kingpin. It is, however, quite expensive.

5th Wheel Hitch FAQs

Who makes the best 5th Wheel RV?
Several companies manufacture fifth-wheel hitches with the top best five companies globally. They include Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheel, DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel, Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel, Heartland Bighorn Fifth Wheel, and Keystone Avalanche Fifth Wheel.
Are 5th wheel hitches interchangeable?
This majorly depends on the installation method. For example, the fifth wheel bed rails found with universal Reese bed rails can accommodate a wide variety of wheel hitches.
Are all 5th Wheel Hitches the same?
Besides serving the purpose of transporting your RV, fifth wheel hitches are different, starting from their operating mechanism to weight, size, and shape.
Are 5th wheel hitch rails universal?
Fifth wheel hitch rails are not universal. However, some are compatible with many fifth-wheel hitches, while others accommodate lesser, and some are specific.
Are 5th wheels easier to tow?
The answer to this is yes. That is because these equipment are designed to provide balance and comfort when towing.
How high should my fifth wheel hitch be?
This entirely depends on the height of your RV. Also, it depends on how you prefer to do your transportation. Note that most fifth wheel hitches will allow you to regulate the height.

So which Fifth Wheel Hitch is right for you?

Hope you decided which fifth-wheel hitch is perfect for you. Pay attention to the hitches’ finer details and features, your eyes will open, and you will see better what you need.

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