Best RV Mattress – Reviews and Guide 2021

Looking for the best RV mattress? Many RVs come equipped with beds that you need to get the right mattress to fit. For people who have experienced this, it is never easy to find the right mattress. First of all, these vehicles come in various shapes and sizes.

5 Best RV Mattresses Available

People who build them focus more on how the vehicle will appear than what kind of space should be left for a mattress. Luckily enough, some companies are dedicated to manufacturing some of the best mattresses. Note that mattresses meant for RV is not the same as the standard mattresses.

When you’re searching for the best mattress, proper research is vital. Keep in mind that different manufacturers are using various materials for manufacturing. You will also want to consider things like price and size. The good news is, your research does not have to cost you much other than a few minutes online. If possible, you can consult someone who deals RV mattresses or finds someone with a similar RV and ask them about their experience.

Mattress for RV

Top 5 Best RV Mattress Choices:

You can never boast of owning an RV if you lack a comfortable mattress that can offer you a comfortable and good night’s sleep. For you to find the right mattress for your motorhome, you must have the perfect understanding of what you seek. RV mattresses are composed of different materials, and this influences the performance and features. It would help if you also understood that RV mattresses have different numbers of layers so that you get to choose from a wide variety of options. For your consideration, here are some of the top pick RV mattresses in the market, according to customer reviews.

Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam for RV Mattress

The Zinus Deluxe short queen mattress is a high-quality RV mattress that will offer you the best comfort each time you want to lay back for a good rest. It is composed of three layers that include the 2-inch thick memory foam and pressure-relieving comfort. The third layer is 4-inch base support that is high density to prevent your body from feeling your RV bed’s hard surface. What makes this mattress the customers’ choice is that it uses the latest evolution memory foam made from plant oils.

Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam for RV Mattress

This goes a long way to ensure that your mattress remains fresh and free from dangerous microscopic organisms that can cause allergies and other health complications. The Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam For RV Mattress is also durable; hence, it is cost-effective since you will not need to make several trips to the shop in the name of getting a new RV mattress. To ensure that you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, the Zinus Deluxe Short Queen mattress allows for free air circulation so that you don’t sweat or become uncomfortable sleeping in one position for long.

Dynasty Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam

If you are looking for a more luxurious mattress for your RV, then the Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress should be a perfect choice. It is quad layered, and all four layers offer nothing but firm body support to ensure that you rest well and wake refreshed every morning. The layers include a 12-inch cool breeze gel followed by a 3-inch gel memory foam with a sleep cool technology foam. All this is to ensure that your body rests comfortably without putting much pressure on your body.

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress has two 2 inches of cool airflow foam for proper aeration, so you don’t have to change position all night because of heat and sweat. The last layer is a 5-inch high-density foam for the ultimate support. This mattress comes with a luxurious cover that is available in white and brown. The full package also includes a fire barrier, a zipper cover, and a 30-year limited warranty. Don’t forget that this high-quality RV mattress is also durable, and since it comes with a zipper cover, it is easy to protect from damages.

Live Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress

The Live Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress is another popular RV mattress that has been a top pick for many RV’ers. It consists of a 2.5-inch foam that has been infused with air. This makes the mattress more breathable goes a long way to ensure that you are comfortable even if you sleep in one position for a long time. Its base is made of extra-thick high-density support that is also firm to ensure that the usual pressure points like joints and back are relieved.

Live Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam

The Live Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress also has a firm and medium core to allow your body to rest uniformly. According to the manufacturers, this mattress contains superior quality ingredients with a cooling innovation that you can hardly find in other RV mattresses. This makes it one of the most comfortable RV mattresses. It comes with a knit cover to compliment the bed and your RV as well. You will also get to enjoy a 20-year warranty when you purchase the Live Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress from a genuine dealer.

Zinus 8-Inch Spring RV Mattress

The Zinus 8-Inch Spring RV Mattress is made using the highest quality foam available in the world. That is because the foam is infused with green tea extract and natural oil. These are essential ingredients, more so when it comes to dealing with bacteria and bad odor. Note that your RV mattress can produce a bad smell even if you are hygienic. That is because of the sweat that gets to accumulate when you sleep, and getting rid of it is not easy. A Zinus 8-Inch Spring RV Mattress offers firm support to the whole body so that your body rests uniformly.

Zinus 8 Inch Spring Mattress

That is all thanks to its heavy-duty coil springs that also do an excellent job of relieving your body’s pressure points what you sleep. One notable benefit of mattresses with coil springs is that they are steady and well aerated. This high-quality RV mattress comes with a ten-year warranty, and customers who have ordered for one are impressed by the look of their package. That is because this mattress is easy to roll and fit in a box for secure shipment. If you are more of a hygiene freak, then this is your best choice of RV mattress.

LUCID Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress

Many campers and RV owners have resolved to buy the LUCID Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress because of one thing; it is specially designed for RV and campers. This dual-layered mattress will provide you with an outstanding experience thanks to the high-quality materials used to make it. The layers consist of a 2.5-inch gel infused and ventilated memory foam that will ensure your body is uniformly comfortable. A nice health benefit of this is, it protects pressure points like your knees and back. These are usually associated with pain and now relax without any pressure exerted on them all night long.

LUCID Gel Memory Foam

7.5-inch high-density foam base does not only provide firm support but also protects you from felling the hard surface of your RV bed. This mattress offers a comfortable air layer, with a TENCEL blend fabric cover regulating temperature and control moisture. That means you will enjoy an undisrupted sleep. You will not need to turn and twist because you have slept in one position, causing you to sweat. The LUCID Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress is CertiPUR US; therefore, it has been well tested and approved for safety and excellent performance.

Advantages of using an RV mattress for your bedding needs

Before jumping into why you should have a quality RV mattress, it is crucial to understand that there are different types of these mattresses. Generally, these differences are brought upon by the kind of material used to make them. Some of the benefits of using mattresses RV include.

Mattresses provide comfort

Having a bed in your RV without a mattress to fit is an injustice to your body. That is because you will never be able to rest appropriately or have a good night’s sleep somewhere away from your home. The best news is, you can find high-quality cheap RV mattresses online.

Additionally, your motorhome will not be complete without the right mattress to fit the bed. While on the topic of comfort, pay close to the kind of mattress you are buying in terms of density. Some RV mattresses are stiff or turgid, while others are soft. Whatever comfort means to you, consider this as part of your evaluation process.

Custom Sized RV Mattress

Size matters a great deal when it comes to selecting a mattress. If you have noticed, mattresses for camper activities are relatively small, and so are RV camper mattresses. Their small nature makes them perfect for carrying around and fitting in unusual places. Note that while out camping or on a road trip, it is unnecessary to have a huge sleeping space because you will not be doing so much sleeping.


RV mattresses are available in different designs and colors. For those keen on the interior of the RVs, picking a mattress gets even more challenging. However, there are all sorts of designs and shapes that can magnificently complete your motorhome. Note that you may not prefer having a cover for your mattress; hence, your choice for color needs to be accurate—this and other preferences that you may have.

It comes in Handy Outdoors

The size of RV mattresses makes them portable. That means you can easily carry them and place them at a spot you would like to relax. When it gets hot, finding a cool breeze would do for anyone, and what can make it better than a comfortable mattress to rest on. Some people use the standard mattress to catch a glimpse of fresh air while at home. What makes the best mattresses for RV better is that you can use them to take a break from your road trip under a shade without any complication.

Components of the Best RV Mattresses

While mattresses are prevalent everywhere globally, many people don’t know how or what they are made from. It is good to understand that the mattress manufacturing industry’s competition has introduced new kinds of mattresses that never existed before. Some are even made from recycled by-products, all thanks to technology. A mattress consists of three parts, namely, quilting, padding, and spring or foam.


This is the soft outer part of the mattress that contains everything else. These come in different quality depending on the VR mattress you wish to buy. Some quilts are thick, while others are not so fluffy. Some low-grade mattresses use traditional fabrics instead of quilts to cover up the mattress, which has one disadvantage. Some of these fabrics are weak and cannot hold for much longer. Good quality mattress quilting survives longer before it can get replaced, making them a good value for money.


A standard mattress has about three fillings. There is the top padding located just beneath the quilting, which is designed to give you comfort. Usually soft and comfortable, the top padding allows you to relax the whole without feeling any discomfort. The padding that follows determines the level of support that the mattress can offer for the pressure points. That last padding protects from springs on the bed. Usually, all these paddings are composed of a combination of cotton and foam.

Support Mechanism

The common types of RV mattresses are composed of springs or foam. While spring mattresses don’t seem complicated, understanding that mattresses with foam support are not to be bought without proper consultation. That is because it has essential pros and cons that can primarily affect your life. As for spring mattresses, you will want to ensure that you are protected from these springs because, at times, they can burst through the bed if it is mishandled.

Mattress Dimensions & Sizes

As mentioned, RV mattresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If possible, you can even order that is customized for your kind of motorhome. However, it is good to know that the standard mattress measurement doesn’t apply when it comes to the dimensions used for your RV mattress. That is because these mattresses are generally smaller. There are, however, some popular RV mattress sizes made to fit the majority of RV vehicles. Some of them include the Eastern King, which is the most extensive, measuring 76’’ by 80’’. For a better perception, here is a Better illustration.

Size           RV Mattress Standard Mattress
California King 72 by 84 72 by 84
King 72 by 80 76 by 80
Queen 60 by 75 60 by 80
Full double 53 by 75 54 by 74
Twin XL 38 by 80 38 by 80
Twin 38 by 75 38 by 75

When looking for the right mattress size for your VR, you will want to check out the typical truck mattress as well.

Mattress Size

They also come in various sizes and can be a good backup, especially if you do not find exactly what you are looking for. Many people who buy replacement RV mattresses end up with the wrong thing. That is because they make the mistake of measuring their current mattress instead of the area it lays. Not that there are so many variations that take place on a mattress with time. This can interfere with the mattress’s original dimensions until you can think that you need a custom mattress.

Types of mattress

There are different types of RV mattresses, and each has particular features that make them preferred. Some of the common kinds popular with RV include foam memory mattresses, polyester, and inner spring mattressess.

Foam with a Memory

These are more comfortable because their nature allows them to adjust to the position of the body. They are good with joint pains since they can reduce the pressure experienced on the paining parts. Another factor that adds to their list of why they are comfortable is regulating your body temperature. However, memory foam RV mattresses will need you to toss and turn every once in a while. That is because when you sleep in one position, it can accumulate heat and increase temperature. Memory foam does not allow for allergens and dust to get absorbed into the mattress.

Memory foam mattress


Mattresses made from polyester are conventional in RVs, but they are generally not the first choice for many. They are made using synthetic fibers that are easy to wash out and are resistant to water. This makes them unsuitable for hot environments because they can trap moisture and heat, making them quite uncomfortable. It is also good to know that polyester can be reactive with sensitive skin, and it is not advisable for children. Polyester is a material that is known to produce static energy quickly, and this may not be comfortable for someone serious about his or her rest. These polyester features are some of the main reasons why most people prefer cotton bed shits instead of ones made out of polyester.

Polyester RV Mattress


Spring RV mattresses have a tiny difference from memory foam mattresses in terms of softness. Spring mattresses also offer excellent comfort, but you will want to handle them with more care. They are more portable because the springs don’t weigh much as compared to memory foam RV mattresses. Another benefit of spring mattresses is that they provide proper aeration. Meaning that you don’t always have to be disrupted from sleep because of too much heat. It is also the preferred camper mattress and outdoor activities since they are light. However, since it is made up of other fabric materials, spring mattresses are known to harbor dust and different kinds of small particles.

Spring RV Mattress

What to look for when buying the best RV mattress

Since you want to spend most of your time enjoying your comfort, your mattress choice must be excellent. As we all know, so many people fall victim to buying counterfeit RV mattresses. To avoid being one of them, check on the following before releasing any cash:

Material and construction

You do want to ensure that your mattress safe. That means it should be built from the right materials that are safe and comfortable. There is nothing worse than getting reactions from the only source of comfort in your RV. If you are allergic, you should pick a mattress bedding that does not harbor allergens.

Comfort and ergonomics

The best mattress should be luxurious. If you sleep uncomfortably, you are likely to feel pain in some parts of your body. The worse of all is, you will not sleep properly, which can be harmful to your health. A good mattress will also allow you to rest points known for experiencing pain like the back and joints comfortably.

Portability and durability

As much as you need an RV mattress, it does not mean that it will last inside the vehicle. You may want to take out for some fresh air or have a rest outside the vehicles. Portability is important when picking the right mattress for your motorhome. You will want a mattress that can withstand wear and tear for longer.

Quality Bedding

Quality beats everything when it comes to spending your money on any item. A good quality RV mattress will go a long way to serve you. Because these mattresses are costly, you don’t want to spend all the time replacing your mattress. The best way to know if you are buying quality is by finding out from people who have used a particular brand before.

Best RV Mattress FAQ

What’s the difference between RV mattresses and regular mattresses?
The main difference between these two kinds of mattresses is seen in their dimensions. In a standard mattress, the queen size mattress measure 60’’ by 80’’. As for RV mattresses, the queen size mattress measure 60’’ by 75’’ and so on.
Can you put a king-size bed in an RV?
This depends on the size of the motorhome. However, king-size beds are familiar with RVs.
How big is an RV king size bed?
RV king-sized beds share the same length as standard beds that is 80 inches. However, they are a bit narrow, measuring about 72 inches and 76 inches for the widest. Some RV are fitted California king mattresses that measure about 72 by 84 inches.

How can I make my RV bed more comfortable?
What offers comfort in any bed is the mattress. For your RV, make sure that you get the perfect size that fits into the bed space. You will also want to consider the type of mattress in terms of what it is made of. Lastly, you will want to check your bed to confirm that it is well fixed. Some of the discomfort problems that you might experience can be as a result of a broken bed.
How long does latex mattress last?
How long the latest mattress lasts depends on how you are handling it. If you expose it to harm, it won’t even last a day. It is good to know that latex is durable, and it takes severe wear and tears to destroy it.
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