The Water Pump for an RV

Best RV Water Pump in 2021 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are heading to the countryside or traveling to another city in your RV, you need your devices to work. Especially your water pump.

While RV grills and A/C units are quite essential, a camper’s water pump is the lifeblood of your motorhome. RV water pump supplies water for toilets, showers, and sinks, saving you from buying an uncountable number of water bottles to meet your needs.

For this reason, it is in your best interest to invest in a good quality RV water pump. Don’t know which one to buy? Here is a complete guide on the best RV water pump 2021 to help you make the right buying decision.

What Does an RV Water Pump Do?

Travel trailer water pumps are one of the most important devices while traveling in your RV. Designed for RV’s plumbing system, this unit is an on-demand water system that only turns on when you want. Its pumping system delivers water just as you expect from any house faucet. 

Moreover, the unit works by producing pressure in the pipes to PSI; some units allow you to set the pressure you need on the water pump. However, most of these machines offer 30 PSI; shop for the RV water pump with easy-to-adjust and flexible PSI settings.

The machine starts pumping water when you turn it on and keep working until you turn the faucets. It will run until the water reaches its desired or preset PSI on the pipes and lines on turning off the machine.

Best RV Water Pump in 2021

When it comes to finding the best RV water pumps for YOUR recreational vehicle, keep in mind that the average water tank can store around fifty to two-hundred gallons. Depending on the capacity of your water tank, you will need to buy the water pump accordingly.

Note that most recreational vehicles use water pumps that can produce around 3.5 gallons of water per minute. On the other hand, motorhomes or larger RVs can use pumps that deliver at a constant speed of 5.3 gallons of water per minute. If choosing the best RV water pump is quite a daunting task for you, consider these five best water pumps that you can get your hands on.

Quick Release RV Mount Macerator Waste Water Pump by SEAFLO

When it comes to quality water pumps for RV, SEAFLO is no exception. This device offers plenty of exciting features that a user would expect. No doubt, the amazing features it offers make this water pump a compelling option. The anti-clogging feature in this water pump will allow you to pump to remove the clog without causing any damage to hoses.

Quick Release RV Mount Macerator Waste Water Pump by SEAFLO

That means you will not need to worry about all the efforts of dealing with clogs while camping. It also includes a triple-sealed motor that helps prevent exterior and internal damage to the machine. Since it comes with a four-blade chopping design, this water pump will help reduce the clogs and boost the water pumping process. With all the features this machine offers, the price remains quite affordable, which adds to its high rating.


  • It offers run-dry options
  • Less expensive
  • Comes with 4-blades
  • The clopping design minimizes the chances of clogs
  • It comes with a triple-sealed motor
  • Minimum risks of internal or exterior damage
  • Features anti-clogging system


  • It may not work properly for uphill pumping

Triplex Diaphragm 03526-144A Automatic Water System Pump by Flojet

If you are looking for an ideal water pump for your recreational vehicle when camping, you must check out the Triplex Diaphragm automatic water pump that Flojet offers. The best thing about this machine is that it offers an automatic triplex diaphragm, enabling the pump to run smoothly. That means you will not need an accumulator tank, as it features a pulsation eliminator. It is quite affordable than other water pumps available in the market.

Triplex Diaphragm 03526-144A Automatic Water System Pump by Flojet

In addition to that, it offers a suction lift for up to nine feet. It comes with a soft mount that can absorb the machine’s noise, making it a quiet device compared to other options. Therefore, whenever you operate this device, there will be meager chances to cause annoying vibrations and sounds. It involves quite an easy installation process since it comes with half-inch snap-in port fittings.


  • It comes with corrosion-resistant materials
  • Offers extreme durability
  • Simple and convenient to install
  • Can hook up easily
  • Designed with a noise-absorbing mount
  • User-friendly machine
  • Works as a self-priming device


  • Features subpar and weak plastic for clips

4008-101-E65 RV Water Pump by Shurflo

If you are looking for an energy-efficient water pump, you may need to consider buying the 4008-101-A65 water pump by Shurflo. It features an innovative design and includes a one-piece diaphragm that has an internal bypass. Note that it will provide you with excellent performance. Since it features high-quality parts, this water pump will last you a long time. It can deliver around 3 gallons of water per minute, ensuring the users that Shurflo water pump products offer sufficient water flow for your next camping adventure.

RV Water Pump by Shurflo

Besides, it provides a high-flow demand that ensures it produces as little noise as possible. The company has integrated thermal protection in its products, making it capable of running dry without causing any damage. While it is a lightweight machine, it will enable you to install and manage it easily. This water pump utilizes 12V DC to operate, which makes it quite an energy-efficient machine.


  • It is an energy-efficient device
  • A lightweight water pump with 5 lbs
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Provides sufficient water flow
  • Includes one-piece diaphragm
  • It comes with an innovative design


  • The device does not feature good quality switches

PDSI-130-1240E Water Pump by Arterra

This water pump features top technology and comes with a robust power drive, making it a unique and high-edge product on the market. In addition to allowing bypass control, this water pump draws minimum current as compared to other options. Since it is a self-priming device, you can mount it at up to 6 ft. The machine can deliver up to 3 gallons per minute when even set on 40 PSI.

PDSI-130-1240E Water Pump by Arterra

Other than this, you will have a water flow range of 0.5 to 3.0 GPM with this product. This feature makes it a suitable option for many uses and applications. While it has a solid and compact design, the machine provides you with excellent performance. Arterra used high-quality parts in manufacturing the machine, making it a robust and durable option for your camping experience.


  • It offers the lowest amp draw
  • Can deliver 3 gallons per minute
  • Features high technology
  • Robust construction and excellent design
  • Offers run-dry without causing damage
  • It comes as a self-priming pump
  • You can mount it at up to 6ft.


  • This water pump does not include a strainer

2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump by Shurflo

There is no doubt that Shurflo water pumps for RV come among the top products. When it comes to the 2088-54-144 model, this water provides you with a higher flow rate than other water pumps. It operates at 45-PSI water pressure and allows water to flow at a high rate of 3.5 GPM. The best thing about this water pump is that it can supply enough water to showers, toilets, and sinks.

2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump by Shurflo

Since it offers an amazingly consistent flow of water, it makes a great choice if you need a water pump for your motor home. Surprisingly, this water pump can offer a high flow rate even at moderate pressure. If you talk about the building, this water pump is compact and offers a sturdy design. While it comes in small, you can fit it in tight spaces. NSF has certified this water pump for providing safe potable water.


  • It can prevent reverse water flow of water
  • Offers convenient design
  • A lightweight pump that you can mount easily
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Safe for drinking water and preparing foods
  • Provides high flow rate


  • This water pump is quite expensive as compared to other options
  • It may produce a loud noise

Benefits of an RV Water Pump

best rv water pump

Simple to Operate and Easy Installation

As compared to other models, RV water pumps do not require complicated steps for installation. In fact, these devices for recreational vehicles are quite easy and simple to install. While manufacturers provide a manual with the unit, you will connect it with your RV by reading the instructions given in that guide. Once you have connected, you will be able to start pumping water to your toilet, shower, and faucet.

Money-Saving and Energy Efficiency

Having an RV water pump frees you up from the worries of paying hefty electricity bills. Some of the RV units can run on the connected battery or your RV’s battery. The units that draw electricity from an electrical outlet consume 24-volts or even lower.

Supplies Water Constantly

Believe it or not, an RV with a constant and reliable water supply makes your travel comfortable and hassle-free. You do not need to buy a bulk of bottles; with this machine, you can easily meet your RV washing, cooking, and other needs. All you need to do is keep your RV tanks filled to not run out of water.

What To Look For When Buying Water Pump For RV?

Now that you have come across myriads of benefits of this device, you will want to buy one for your recreational vehicle. In that case, it is imperative to pay attention to several details; from quality and size to pressure and flow, you need to consider many things before buying an RV water pump.


Before choosing the best model for you, measure the RV spot’s size, you will be placing the water pump at. In case your recreational vehicle has a very compact space, you will need to buy a small size unit or vice versa.

Pump Capacity or GPM

The GPM of the RV water pump changes as per the pressure of the machine. Therefore, while considering buying this tool, you will need to determine the amount of water you can generate through the pump. Do not choose a unit with more GPM if you do not have that many needs. However, if you have a larger RV, you can consider buying a machine with a 5-GPM capacity.

Water Pressure

The next you need to consider is the pressure of the flow. Check the pressure before deciding on the RV water pump. While you would know the required pressure for your RV, ideally, the experts recommend around 60-75 PSI for RV use.

Voltage Unit

Depending on your RV size and the amount of water you will need, you will have to choose a model for your RV accordingly. However, keep in mind that higher voltage units are for heavy-duty jobs, whereas lower voltage machines are suitable for small tasks.

Automated Pump Cycle

It is one of the most important considerations that many buyers overlook. When you are choosing a water pump, make sure it has an automatic pumping cycle. This unit will offer seamless operation, and you will not need to operate it manually.

Noise Level

Note that some machines can be quite loud when operating. Therefore, choose a unit that runs quiet and does not make you suffer through its loud, shrilling noise.

Types of RV Water Pumps

You will find the two types of RV water pumps in the market, which we are discussing below.

12-Volt Travel Trailer Water Pump

It comes with motors manufactured for small RV and home use; a 12-volt RV water pump is a low voltage device that will not consume much electric power. The machines that come with 12-volt power is commonly used in recreational vehicles and motor homes. These usually feature standard operating motors, due to which they produce lower pressure than high voltage machines.

24-Volt Water Pumps for RV

As compared to low voltage units, 24-volt models produce higher water pressure and therefore consume much electricity. Designed for large-duty jobs, these units are perfect for trucks, buses, and trailers use. The main purpose of using a high voltage unit is that you can perform heavy-duty tasks. 24-volt models often have a long lifespan, specifically with regular maintenance. Moreover, it offers high-performance yet frequent use to prevent clogging.

Since you will need a water pump for your RV, 12-volt water pumps will be a suitable option for you. The reason is it has a standard motor and consumes low electricity; such a unit will not increase your electricity bills. However, if you want to use a machine for heavy-duty jobs, it is better to opt for the 24-volt model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Causes The Failure Of A Water Pump Motor?
If a fuse blows out, it causes motor failure; however, it is replaceable. Other than this, the motor may outrun because of a worn-out battery. Do not forget to turn off the motor’s switch before changing the battery. The motor can also blow out due to extended use.
How to Prime Your RV Water Pump?
First, fill your tank and turn on the cold water in your trailer. Do not forget to open the faucets completely. Please turn on the pump near your RV’s tank; it should prime the pump by exerting pressure and pushing water through the faucet. After a while, turn the faucets off. This way, your water pump for RV will be primed.
Can You Run The Water Pump While Connected To The City Water?
When your machine connects to the city water, do not run the machine. The reason is the city water system provides sufficient pressure for your unit. The RV pump is specifically for pumping water out of your RV tank. Moreover, you need to ensure the three basic items are working when you hook the device to the city water system. These include a pressure regulator, filter, and heavy-duty hose.
How Long Do RV Water Pumps Last?
If cared for properly, the RV water pump can last for more than ten years. However, storing it in cold weather can cause mineral build-up or corrosion. That said, the machine pump’s life depends on several factors, including the quality of the material and how much care you take of it.
Why Your RV Water Pump Produces Loud Noise?
There can be many reasons due to which an old machine makes a loud noise. The most common could be the fault in its manufacturing or design. Remember that manufacturers that tend to scrimp on the installation and material costs often have low-quality RV water pump to offer. Moreover, the faulty installation can result in loose mounts, which eventually produces a loud noise. The loose mounts cause vibrations, water hammering, and clanging pipes that lead to loud noise. Other than this, rapid cycling can be the reason for loud noise.
Why Consider PSI While Buying An RV Water Pump?
The measuring unit for the pressure of the water pump is Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). Every product features different PSI. Depending on the level of your need, you must choose the machine accordingly. With a water pump for the trailer, 60-75 PSI is the best range for small RVs. However, if you have a larger motorhome, a device that delivers 5.3 gallons per minute is a more suitable option for you.
Can You Leave the RV Water Pump On?
When your recreational vehicle is not connected to city water, you can leave your RV water pump switch on. However, when it is connected, you will not need the machine.


When it comes to choosing the best water pump, you may feel overwhelmed with the variety of units available in the market. However, after reading this guide, you would be able to make the best buying decision. Still, do not buy in a rush and read the reviews on different forums to know more. You can discuss the options with your service expert. All these will end up choosing a water pump that best suits your requirements.

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