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Best RV Wheel Chocks 2021 – Completed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

One of the most important appliances you don’t want to leave behind when you travel is the RV Wheel Chocks. Don’t be caught in the temptation to use an improvised wheel chock since that might cause a severe accident or even death.

Proper chocks will ensure that the trailer doesn’t move or roll back when you’re loading or offloading your luggage from the vehicle. If used correctly, they can prevent injuries and accidents whenever you’re servicing your vehicle. You must invest in the right wheel chock for your trailer since the manufacturers individually customize them for specific vehicles.

5 Best RV Wheel Chocks Reviewed:

Before buying your wheel chocks, there are things that you need to put in mind to guarantee that they are safe and efficient. The following guide will enable you to make the right choice of travel trailer wheel chocks before you get into your pocket.

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope

You can finally service your vehicle with confidence without having to worry about the trailer rolling or overturning on you. These chocks hold your trailer steadily in place. The heavy-duty plastic with UV resistant coating means they keep their origin color for long. You can use them on tires of up to 26 inches in diameter.


  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Relatively affordable if you’re working on a tight budget
  • Weatherproof


  • Not suitable for heavy loads or large tires

YM W4194 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock with Handle

YM W4194 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock with Handle

This rubber wheel chock comes in pairs. These chocks are 4 inches in width, 8.75 inches long, and 6 inches high. The approximate weight is 8 pounds.


  • The long-lasting, solid rubber is ideal for heavy trucks with large tires. It provides a flexible option for long term parking.
  • The inbuilt rubber handle gives it a firm grip and makes it easy to handle and carry.
  • The non-slip rubber bottom gives the camper wheel chocks a sturdy grip when the vehicle is under parking.
  • Easy to use


  • They strongly smell of rubber when they are new. You can manage this by keeping them out in the open when not in use.

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

The high-quality X-chock aluminum makes them a very durable option if adequately maintained. These x-chocks work by locking the wheels and exerting force on both tires. It offers maximum stability while largely controlling the accidental tire movement. These RV x-chock wheel stabilizers come with a manually operated ratchet wrench used for driving a nut that expands the wheel blocks against the tires. The flexibility with the X-Chock wheel stabilizer is out of this world.


  • Highly effective and safe
  • Lightweight and sleek in design
  • A rust-resistant coating makes them durable
  • Slim design that fits into a broader range of application
  • Relatively fair in cost
  • They work flawlessly even with tightly spaced tires since they can adjust from 12 inches down to 1⅜ inches


  • It doesn’t work with wide-spaced tires
  • It cannot be used on single axle vehicles

MaxxHaul 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock

The approximate size for these wheel chocks is 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 5 inches high and comes in a pack of two.


  • The built-in handle ensures that positioning and placement is simple
  • Rubber traction pad with an oil-proof surface that prevents slippage
  • Better performance than those made from resin or plastic.
  • They are light in weight yet strong enough to stop heavy trailers from moving.
  • Safe and efficient under all weather
  • Easy to install and remove


  • The rubber smell might be unpleasant to some people. You can efficiently deal with this by working in the open air or well-ventilated garages.
  • It might not work for super huge tires because of their small size

BAL 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock

Best RV wheel chocks: BAL 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock

The minimum space required between RV tires is 2.5 inches, which can expand up to 12 inches. The chock uses a scissor locking mechanism, which ensures that your RV is stationary as you park or do your work.

Since these appliances are mostly for outdoor use, they need to be resistant to moisture. The BAL 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock has a coating that prevents it from rust. This is one of the most impressive qualities of this gadget.

It comes with a hand-operated coated ratchet wrench used to turn a drive nut. This nut drive extends the chocks and presses them against the tire. It is also useful for retracting the chucks when removing the chock.

Safety recommendation: The X-Chocks should in no way replace the regular chocks, and they should only serve to stabilize the tires and prevent them from moving.


  • Secure locking of tires that ensure they don’t move even an inch


  • Not suitable for an RV with more than 10 inches between the tires, you might need a model that expands more.

Why do you need a Wheel Chock for your RV?

If you are loading, offloading, or servicing your RV, you need to stop the wheels so that they don’t move or rollback. They prevent injuries and keeps you safe.

Types of RV Wheel Chocks

Typically, you are going to come across two kinds of wheel chocks in the market.

Regular Wheel Chocks


These wedge-looking chocks usually have a rubber or foam traction padding. The ideal size of your wheel chock depends on the diameter of the wheels. Some wheel chocks with cords help in removing it when you need to move again.


  • Made of substantial, hard plastic for maximum durability.
  • It has a UV inhibitor
  • Easy to install
  • Works well on any surface
  • Effective at stopping vehicle’s backward or forward movement
  • The rubber traction helps keep the caper safely in place.


  • It has an unpleasant rubbery smell.

Wheel Stabilizers


  • It weighs about 11.2 lbs and comes with a ratchet wrench for turning the drive nut.
  • They also have expandable widths, from 1 3/8 to 12 inches.
  • You also get a comfort mat upon purchase.


  • They are expandable and very secure to use since they are adjustable.
  • Their excellent stability protects the RV’s wheel suspensions.
  • Durable


  • Pricier than the wheel chocks
  • Not easy to install and retract for a new user

What to Look for When Buying RV Wheel Chocks

If you are still undecided on which are the best RV wheel chocks for your trailer, the following guide will help you make the right decision.

Best RV wheel chocks: Wheel Chocks for an RV


You must check the material that makes trailer chocks because this has a direct effect on their strength. Metal chocks rank as the most durable options, followed by rubber and plastic.

Be sure that the material can adapt to various weather conditions. The material should be stiff and not brittle. Necessarily, you must choose a rustproof material since rust can shorten the RV tire chocks’ lifespan.


Not every wheel chock in the market is fit for your trailer wheels. For maximum effectiveness, a regular wheel chock’s size should be a quarter of the tire’s height.

You must know the size of the wheel the specific chocks can support. It’s imperative to note that the wheel chock’s size is not directly related to the size of the wheel it can support. We have small size wheel chocks comfortably supporting big wheels.

It’s advisable to determine the tires’ space for tandem wheels before purchasing your tire chocks. You can do this by measuring the space between the tires to be sure that your chocks can fit in. You don’t want to buy the chock only to reach home and find that they can’t fit. It will be a waste of time and money. Be sure that the locking wheel chocks rightly match that distance for maximum support.

Maximum GVWR Limits

Your wheel chock of choice must bear the load of your RV. Some chocks have a maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Requirement that they can carry. The weight of your RV should not exceed the maximum indicated for the particular wheel chock. Otherwise, it poses a threat to you and your vehicle.

Simple to use

Choose a wheel chock that takes minimal time to install. It should preferably have handles and ropes to make pulling easier. Again, please don’t go for a wheel chock that requires you to use a regular wheel chock to have it installed.

Strength of the Grip

We cannot overstate the importance of a firm grip for regular wheel chocks. The firmness and traction of your wheel chocks will determine how safe it is to use. The grip in top-rated RV wheel chocks provides traction to the side that touches the ground and the part that presses against the tire.

Ideally, the underside has spikes or other designs that provide the safest grip for your RV. The wheel side grip should have big grooves and deep-set patterns so that they can comfortably hold the tire in place without the risk of slipping.


The cost of the wheel chocks might sometimes cloud your judgment when purchasing a wheel chock. You might be tempted to go for low prices without considering your needs. Don’t base your decision entirely on the cost. Instead, list down the features that you want, then compare the pricing with different suppliers. Going through RV wheel chock reviews on the internet can help you make a wise decision without compromising quality.


Tire-locking chocks should have the resilience to prevent your RV from rolling and rocking. Consequently, it takes care of your vehicle by protecting the wheel suspensions.


RV wheel chocks for trailers are necessary to ensure that the wheels do not continue rolling when you want them firm in one place. You might want to invest in reliable wheel chocks since you’ll always need them when the vehicle is in parking mode or when you’re servicing your vehicle. RV wheel chocks will keep you safe from accidents and other injuries.

How many wheel chocks are required?

The number of wheel chocks needed largely depends on the kind of wheel chocks you’re using but typically, always use the wheel chocks in pairs so that both sides can balance. The X-chocks are customarily useful on tandem wheels, though they require supplementary chocks to prevent the wheels from moving when installing.

What are the best kinds of RV wheel chocks?

Some of the best-rated RV wheel chocks that you might want to check out when shopping for RV wheel chocks include:

  1. Camco 44414 Wheel Chock
  2. Flo Tool 11930 Heavy-duty Wheel Chocks
  3. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers
  4. Camco 44472 Wheel Chock with Rope
  5. BAL 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock
  6. YM W4194 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock with Handle

Tip: If it’s possible to run over and crush your chocks without your notice, I’m sorry, you got the wrong stuff in your hands. Throw them and move on.

Where should wheel chocks be placed?

As a rule of thumb, you should place the wheel chocks in front of the front wheels if you have parked up the slope and behind the rear wheels if it’s downslope.

How to use RV wheel chocks?

The installation of trailer wheel chocks is simple and straightforward. If you’re using the X-Chock for RVs, you should place it between the tandem tires. On the other hand, you should install the regular chocks by pushing them tightly under the tires.

What size of wheel chocks do I need?

The general rule for determining the wheel chock’s size is calculating 25% of your wheel diameter. It should fit tightly under the tire for maximum control of the wheels.

When should I replace the Wheel Chocks?

Consider replacing your chocks if they are broken or if the grip has worn out. Working with a chock without proper grip on the surface is a sure death sentence. It can cause serious injuries since they can’t stop the RV from rolling away.


Above everything, safety is a critical factor to consider when choosing your motorhome chocks. If you are caught up in strong winds while camping, you want a wheel chock that will keep your RV from sliding away. Best RV wheel chocks will give peace of mind since they prevent injury and accidents for the campers.

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